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Who Are the Most Often Victims of Online Dating Scams?

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 15, 2012

Online dating attracts not only single men and women from all the corners of the globe dreaming to find true love, but various online scams, whose interests are limited to getting your personal information and your savings. Nowadays all the people searching for their perfect matches online are warned about the opportunity to meet these dishonest scammers, but now we will try to figure out who are the most “popular” victims of online dating scams. You will be absolutely wrong if you think that only men are in danger. There are also lots of dating scams who specialize on cheating women searching for their ideal men online. Moreover the majority of relationship scammers create fake profiles of wonderful women and stole photos from model agencies websites, social networks and other dating sites, so all these real people are victims too. Usually dating scams choose shy people with low self confidence and self esteem. Those men and women who are not very popular with the opposite sex are easy to get at the scammers baits. May be you are thinking that such things would never happen to you and you won’t ever get into the trap of dating scammers. Are you absolutely sure? Be careful and don’t let these relationship frauds get into your wallet.



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3 Responses to “Who Are the Most Often Victims of Online Dating Scams?”

  1. David Dickson on December 18, 2016 @ 5:13 am

    Looking for this guy I think he a scammer I have a feeling that he is a con artist


  2. This is a huge list of the evil criminal Nigerian scammers who have stolen over $12,800 from me and I have copies of there email headers and they all have illegitimate email addresses from Peter James.

    Scammer Lizzy George lizzy_george@yahoo.com

    Scammer Christopher Nagabo

    Scammer Mr Evans agentevans95@yahoo.com

    Scammer Mr Hilton hilton.larry@rocketmail.com

    Scammer Mr Ihenacho bankmanagerihenacho@yahoo.com

    Scammer Barrister Kenedy barriesterkenedy@yahoo.com

    Scammer Mr Salusi

    Scammer President Goodluck presidentgoodluck45@yahoo.ca

    Scammer Amanda Thorburn secretary.amanda@yahoo.com

    Scammer Mrs George

    Scammer Mr George

    Scammer Mrs Tina George

    Scammer Mrs Florence

    Scammer Bishop Abraham bishop.abraham@yahoo.com

    Scammer Mr Joel

    Scammer Mr Clinton

    Scammer Mr Doodle doodlehunt9000@gmail.com

    Scammer Mr Biden Vicepresidentbiden@yahoo.ca

    Scammer Queen Elizabeth queenenglandelizabeth@yahoo.com

    Scammer Princess Kate queenenglandelizabeth@yahoo.com

    Scammer Prince William queenenglandelizabeth@yahoo.com

    Scammer Mr Donald donaldmccormick30@yahoo.com

    Scammer Mary George marygeorge067@gmail.com

    Scammer Mrs Audra Summer audrasummer@ymail.com

    Scammer Nwagbo Jude pilotjnwagbo@yahoo.com

    Scammer Mrs Sharon Matrix sharonmanix1112@gmail.com

    Scammer Mr Key claimed to be the Prime minister of New Zealand

    Scammer Richard George richardgeorgerg@gmail.com

    Mrs Justina azevedo.justina@yahoo.com

    Scammer Barrister Brian

    Scammer Mrs Florida

    Scammer Mrs Ngozi

    Scammer James Ezema jamesezema@ymail.com

    All of the evil criminal scammers have stolen over $12,600 from me

    Peter Malcolm James.

    Just 1 of hundreds of scam email letters from Lizzy George and her scammer friends.

    24 th July 2012

    Mrs Ngozi is sending you $10,000 tommorrow try and understand me love..i am not happy for you selling your property to pay rent…..but have in mind this will be the last money you will ever send….i trully love and cherish you and i will not hurt you tommorow love…once you send the $45 i will be on the plane and james will call you to get the mtcn number because it will be very bad if we loose our self at this point of meeting my darling precious husband..i dont have much time i have to prepare against tommorrow because i cant wait to make love with you for the first time and kiss your lovely lips make you feel horny….lizzy


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