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What to Do When You Feel Being Scammed at Online Dating Site?

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 17, 2012

All the users of the Internet should know about scams and their dishonest actions. Knowledge can save you from money lost. Especially should be careful men and women who are looking for their dear ones online. But what should do online dating members who feel their dates are romance scams? NEVET reveal your private and financial information. Don’t send money to unknown people, even if your online partner claims that his or her feelings are true and deep. Inform the administration of the site about the person you think is cheating you and ask them to check his personality information and verify IP address. If you are sure that the women or man you are talking to are dating scammers you can add this person to the numerous scam lists. If you have got into the trap of relationship scams, you should share your story with other users of the online dating sites. Your negative experience can save numerous online dating users from becoming the victim of these awful scams. Don’t be indifferent and protect yourself and help other singles to avoid scams’ traps.



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5 Responses to “What to Do When You Feel Being Scammed at Online Dating Site?”

  1. Even on this site ,,I posted a scam by Nancy Edward,, from Ghana, A man named Richard Abraham said he could help me have her arrested. At first he said he would help free and said he lived in the U.S. I found out that he really lived in Ghana Accura.yet his face book said he lived rodchester.. I did a reverse E mail check and saw the same thing,His e mail is billy2mingle.Ater I got him to admitt from his phone number that he was in Ghana.He asked for money then I said I would send 500.oo after her arrest but he insisted on it up frount.


  2. I met a man name William Seeman. Claimed to be from Ca. Had a phone number in No. Ca.
    Said he was a engineer and got a contract in Malaysia. We were in contact daily for 7 months. Needed money for supplies. Then for taxes. Said he got Malaria and a ulcer. When completed contract he said his mom died. He wanted to die. Never heard from again. Lost a lots of money. When he keep asking for more I told him to contact the embassy, they would help. He got very serious and wanted to know what they said to me. I did call them.
    This man claim to have a son name Terry that lived in Ireland. He showed me picture of Terry that looked a lot like the photos of him that he sent me.


  3. Thanks I will do what you have asked.


  4. If it sounds to be too good to be true it is. If you have his picture scan it on google image you will see if it’s stolen or real.. Run his ip in the headers of the emails he sends you.
    http://www.traceemail.com/ this one is the best one I found and I caught the one I was talking to for 2 months with this program. Mine was also too good to be true. Mine was even sending me poetry almost every night in his emails. I did not want to believe it either but I had to see it for my self. I also located another scammer sight that you can check and see if ip’s you located have been used in scam’s. http://www.romancescam.com/ It is a shame when you pay money and you think it is safe to talk to someone and they are thief’s and con’s. Good Luck to you.


  5. I met a man on badoo, he is very kind and so good to tell you that you are so beautiful and he says so many fine words. After just a couple of days he tells you that he truly loves you now and forever and ever. He says he lives in london uk (dovers street) and works in nigeria (asaba,delta state) with a bridge reconstruction. He wanted me to please lend him 4000euro, for tax clearance certificate and payment authorization certificate, they wouldent sign his release paper and then not pay him for the job, worth $5000000. He still tells me how much he loves me and that he will be here with me as soon as he get his payment, then we will get married.. He swear with his life and to God that he will repay me the day after he gets his payment. He use the name Ryan Hunt, 36 years old. I did not pay him the money he asked for, because i didnt really believe in him, because i think this sounds to good to be true, and i dont believe that he have to pay for some documents to get his payment for the job. He is in facebook, tagged, meet me and hi5 too.. with the same picture, name and age, but then he says he lives in miami fl.


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