How to Pick a Profile Pic to Catch Her Attention

Using red in your profile picture will make your photo pop. It stands out in a sea of neutral colors, and men tend to rate women in red as more attractive. According to a study conducted by Tinder, only 26% of women and 49% of men wear red in their profile pictures. So how can you stand out in a sea of neutrals? Read on to find out! In this article, you’ll discover some simple ways to make your profile picture stand out.

Avoid shirtless bathroom mirror selfies

To attract a woman’s attention, avoid shirtless bathroom mirror selfies. You will appear a fake and unintentional stranger. Women want to be with men who know what they look like and can make a statement. Women also like to see men with good heads on their shoulders. A shirtless selfie is not a way to portray good character. If you run into a famous person, take a picture, but do not take a shirtless selfie.


Another way to avoid embarrassingly revealing your shirtless body is to hold your phone out of the shot. It may be difficult to adjust the lighting in the mirror, but you can always take your phone out and crop out the phone later. Another tip is to sit closer to the edge of the mirror and use the hashtag #mirrorselfie to come up with unique ideas for a shirtless selfie.

Use a full-body photo

When choosing a profile picture, try to show more of your body than your face. Full-body photos make you look like a stick figure. This makes it difficult to make out the details of your face. Your first impression is the most important part of the first impression, so make sure your profile photo shows as much of your body as possible. Here are some ideas to get your profile picture noticed:

Before taking the profile photo, try to keep your posture in check. Avoid slouching or holding your hands up. A natural pose will make you appear more attractive and will convey a sense of respect. You can also try to pose with your arms spread wide in front of you or cross them. It all depends on the look you want to convey. The right profile pic will turn her head!


Squint to attract a woman

Squinting your eyes in your profile photo will give you the appearance of a natural smile and make you seem more confident, but it will also make you look creepy. This tactic will help minimize your slack posture and prevent you from raising your eyebrows in surprise. You can also distract her by taking a picture with her friends, which will be fun for her, and will ensure she doesn’t notice you too much.