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Dating Scams Are Waiting for Singles from All Over the World

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 2, 2012

Online dating sites help people all across the globe to meet their perfect matches and to start happy romantic relationships. But instead of the getting into the loving embraces of a beautiful woman, you can fall into dating spam’s clutches. All women at online dating sites look so wonderful and charming, but they have different goals. Some are truly looking for love and romance, other want to escape from their native countries, but some of them only want to get your money. They are great artists and seem to be absolutely sincere when communicating through emails, instant messaging and even phone, and when men are ready to meet in the real life and invite them to come. Continue reading »

What Do Scams Hunt For on the Internet?

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 2, 2012

Everyday thousands of people from all over the world become victims of different kinds of scams. And everyday scams organize new traps for online users. So what are they usually hunting for? The most widespread are money and identity scams. If about money scams everything is clear – they are waiting for you to lose caution and to steal your money. But what for do these thieves need your identity? These scams steal people’s names, passwords, documents (mostly all documents have electronic versions and numbers), etc and use it for the point of financial enrichment. Continue reading »

Protect Your Money from Scams

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 2, 2012

Both now and always there existed people who wanted to lay hands on the money and property of other people. During centuries, society evaluated and this process never stops. As well, thieves and cheaters develop their means and plans to get to your money. And they have organized everything the way that people give them money themselves without any doubts. We are sure you have seen these messages, advertisings, pop-up windows telling that you have won a lottery, can quickly earn lots of money, should help some extinct animals or suffering people, etc. There are millions ways to get to your money. Continue reading »

What Kinds Scams Are Waiting for You Online?

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 2, 2012

With the growth of the Internet popularity, are growing the number of dangers waiting for you in the World Wide Web. We are sure you have received numerous letters at your e-mail, thousands of advertisements, money-schemes offering you quick and easy way to get money. There are lots of people who are waiting for you to loose the caution. To avoid traps you should know all the types of scams and who you should look out for:

  • Credit cards scams;
  • Work at home scams;
  • IRS email scams;
  • Paypal Scams;
  • Dating scams;
  • Free vacation scams;
  • Lottery scams.

The list is really endless. All these people promise you whole mountains of gold, tones of dollars and euro, true happiness and fast profit, but in result they steal your time, money and information. Continue reading »

Scams Can Be Found Everywhere! Be Very Careful at the Internet!

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 2, 2012

How often do you use the Internet? Have you ever heard about scams? Do you feel yourself absolutely safe? Are you sure that your personal information is protected from dishonest people – scams? Of course Anti-virus software and firewall can protest you from hackers, Trojan horses and viruses, but what can you do with scams. These people are not trying to get into your computer. No! They want to get your personal information, to steal your money or to get you into fraud money-making schemes. Scams can be found everywhere: at online shops, at internet services, advertisements, online dating. Continue reading »

Scams! Who Are They?

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 2, 2012

Internet is a great thing that helps us in everyday life, work, studies, entertainment, shopping, dating, communication, etc. The list can be really endless. But at the same time it is a one more way for thieves and cheaters to get to your money. Such people nowadays are called scams or scammers. Originally this term was used for fraudulent business schemes, created in order to steal money or goods. Since the time of its appearance, the meaning hasn’t changed a lot. But we cannot say the same about the ways of cheating. From century to the century and year to year people invest more and more ways of cheating and stealing money. Continue reading »

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