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Relationship Scammers Can Get In Your Way to Love

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 12, 2012

Online dating has become an absolutely ordinal thing nowadays. But while looking for your perfect match you risk getting into numerous traps if online dating scams, waiting for you at every step. Look at these women and their photos at the personal profiles. Of course, like any woman dreaming to attract the attention of men, mail order brides choose their best photos and order professional photo sessions. However, can you be sure that they are real and these pictures were not just stolen from model agencies sites? All singles, looking for their matches online, dream about true feelings, but it doesn’t mean that they are falling in love from the first sign. These quick warm or even hot feelings usually identify relationship scams. Continue reading »

You Will Never Be Scammed Online! Are You Sure?

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 11, 2012

Online dating is a great step forward in the modern dating. It makes your searches for your perfect bride easy and quick, but also can lead you into clutches of romance scammers. Nowadays everyone knows about online scams and heard about numerous people scammed out of large sums of money. So why do you think that they won’t try to get you’re your money? Never lose caution! Here are several signs that can help you to recognize dating scams among beautiful mail order brides. Continue reading »

How Can Single Men Protect Themselves from Being Scammed at Free Online Dating Sites?

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 9, 2012

Cheaters and frauds are found everywhere. Nowadays the preferred place of online scammers is numerous dating websites, where they can rob single men from all over the world. There are no online dating sites absolutely protected from relationship scams, even the most popular, big, old and expensive. There can be find some fake ladies’ profiles, but still they have better scam protection systems than free online dating sites. Such agencies don’t pay much attention to checking their members, photos and information they post in their personal profiles. So if you decided to join some of them in your searches for love don’t hurry up to open your heart to the first pretty girl you have met there. They would be talking about love and their deep feelings and… ask for money. Continue reading »

What for Do Russian Relationship Scams Ask Money When Dating Online?

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 9, 2012

For many people online dating is a perfect way to meet their dear ones. However along with thousands of beautiful Russian single women searching for their perfect matches online, there are numerous fake profiles. They are created by dating scams to cheat single western men and to get their money. What reasons do Russian dating scammers to ask men for money?

  • Processing documents (foreign passport, visa, medical insurance)
  • Travel costs (tickets, hotel, taxi)
  • Emergency medical help (she or anyone of her relatives has some dangerous disease or has got into an accident)
  • Disbursement of the loan Continue reading »

Beware of Online Dating Scams Hunting for Visa or Green Card

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 8, 2012

Online dating now is one of the most convenient and easy way to search for gorgeous women for marriage. But at these numerous online dating sites single men can get in traps of lots of dating scammers. But not all of them are searching for your money. There are dishonest women who are ready for everything to get away from their native countries. They all have absolutely different egoistic reasons for this escape, but usually use one and the same method to get desired visas and green cards. The best and the easiest way, in this case, for women is to meet foreign singles at online dating sites, marry them and to move to their country. But men can also protect themselves and their hearts from these relationship scams. Such women are searching for men of any age and appearance. Continue reading »

How Do Russian Dating Scammers Search for Their Victims?

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 7, 2012

Online dating attracts more and more people searching for love, but also it’s a powerful magnet for relationships scams. These cheaters are searching for careless single men searching for gorgeous Russian girls. To know what you should beware of we would tell the main way relationship scams trick their victims. At first scammer create fake Russian ladies’ profiles. Scam uploads beautiful sexy photos stolen from model agencies websites, models’ profiles or even social networks. After it she decoys their victims, send numerous messages to men members. If you answer her, the conversation begins. They claim you are the only man she was looking for, her feelings are true, she loves you and only you can make her happy. Continue reading »

Make Your Online Dating with Russian Ladies Safe from Scams

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 6, 2012

From day to day romance scams become a great problem for singles searching for beautiful Russian mail order brides. So lots of them just refuse to search for happiness online. But whether these fears to be cheated by dating scams can make you to refuse from the dream to find a dream Russian woman? Never loose your heart. Just follow several simple rules and you will safe your heart from being broken and your money from being stolen. Before signing up to any Russian dating sites you should make a small, but very important research. Look for the information about this site, reviews and comments about it. Continue reading »

How You Can Find a Trustworthy Online Dating Site Free from Scams?

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 6, 2012

Nowadays online world comes closer to the real one. There you can communicate with numerous people, buy everything you desire, date with beautiful women and get into the trap of dishonest relationship scams. So how can you protect yourself and your money? The main point, you should confide your searches of sweet ladies to a dependable online dating agency. Check the online dating site on the Internet: find its reviews, comments of previous and other members, look through the lists of scammer dating sites. Also you can check some of the ladies’ profiles in online scams lists. Some useful information you can find just at the site. Look for the information about the owner of the site, its location and the address of the main and filial offices. Continue reading »

Nigerian Dating Scams

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 6, 2012

The popularity of online dating has caused an increase in dating scams. Perhaps the most known is the Nigerian dating scam. Singles looking for love online should be on the look out for this scam. Nigerian scams are often not easy to detect. Indeed, the Nigerian scam artist is a whole different breed. For one, he (or she) is usually of a higher education level, often a college or university graduate or higher. Secondly, they do their homework. Thirdly, they can be exceptionally patient. Plus, some of them could rival an Oxford English professor in language prowess, especially written language.
The scammer posts a fake profile on a dating site, and often multiple dating sites. Chat rooms and social networking sites are also often targeted, as well as Christian and other religion-based dating sites. Continue reading »

Several Tips to Protect Yourself from Russian Online Dating Scams

| Anti-Scam Tips | April 3, 2012

Every day thousands of people make acquaintances over the internet and develop serious romantic relations. More and more singles want to find their perfect matches at online marriage agencies. Russian online dating sites are well-known for the most beautiful mail order brides dreaming to have serious relations and a great number of relationship scams dreaming to lay hold on your money.

First of all you should be very serious and careful when choosing the dating website. Choose a trustworthy and reliable online dating agency. Don’t hurry up! Carefully look through the reviews, comments and the site reputation over the Internet. Scammers prefer free dating sites or agencies where they don’t need to confirm their identity with a passport or a personal meeting. Continue reading »

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