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Syria – Army Contractor, IN National Guard

  • Scammer First Name: Kevin
  • Scammer Last Name: Nugent
  • Age: 64
  • Country: United States
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: bevdadnugent@gmail.com
  • Scammer Phone: 1-716-992-6554
  • Operates on websites: Match, Ourtime
  • Listed: February 27, 2016 11:36 pm
Syria – Army Contractor, IN National Guard
Syria - Army Contractor, IN National Guard - Image 1Syria - Army Contractor, IN National Guard - Image 2


Reports he is on special assignment in Syria from IN. Originally from South Boston. Will be back in this country within the month. Claims to have been widowed from wife Mary for 8 years and has a 22 year old daughter named Beverly attending Kings College in London England. He is very very good. First asked for me to allow a friend to use my Match account so he could meet someone, which I refused to do. Then asked me for $1500.00 for his daughter college expenses. Stated I should be able to do this for him as we have such a good relationship. Promising to pay me back as soon as he returned home. A search of his name, his wife’s death date on Social Security Death Index produced no results. There is no record of his daughters birth in US. If you look closely at one photo you can see it is a Photoshop composite. I did a background check on him and he basically does not exist nor does any member of his family. I did not send the money.



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11 Responses to “Syria – Army Contractor, IN National Guard”

  1. Currently going by James Jon. Mybeverly21@gmail.com
    Same exact line as others except wife’s name is Deborah.


  2. I have just been talked out of 10,000 from this charming man. He charmed me until I thought I was in love with him. Then I decide to ck google hom and found this site . The story is the same from Syria. Ready to be discharged. Just needs the money for the paperwork . He is very charming . Says all the right things. I was the fool in this situation. I am out 10k and he is probably laughing at me. Sometimes it did sound like 2 different people, one with good grammar skills and one with poor grammar. Please don’t allow him in your heart be wise and google any one you meet on match or and dating site.


  3. He is back at it again. Kevin Nugent. Becdadnugent@gmail.com. Lovewidowsmile is his new name on match. He is very smooth. Asked to send gold bars to me at my home. Called him out and he hasn’t replied. It is the same story as the above mentioned. Wording weird at times. Always brief messages and then is gone saying he has to be with his men. Talks of a life together when he returns. I just didn’t quite believe all his lines. Be careful. He is very good. He needs to be caught!!


  4. I fell for it and after 2 weeks of sweet talk and idle chit chat I saw this report. I told him I found out he was a scam and never heard from him again. He is very good Goes by Lonleyheart206 on Match.


  5. jim stanley on April 3, 2016 @ 1:49 am

    Linda, I think I know someone who is being worked by this same guy. She’s not going to believe this, but I think she needs to. Jim


    • Linda Lisitano on April 4, 2016 @ 1:54 pm

      Jim, I did alot of investigation on this guy, he is very good. He told me once that he had trouble talking on the phone because he spent so much time a european accent overlay to his native born boston accent. He also told me that he was afraid to meet me in person because he had developed feelings for me and it terrfied him that maybe I would not have the same feelings for him. He said all the right things at all the right times. He is charming, and will reel her in hook line and sinker. He texted me one day making a big deal how he finally figured out the european country codes. I found this strange as he stated he worked in europe for many years. Someone who spends time in europe knows the country codes. Anyway, I reversed looked up the telephone number and to my shock it was a registered land line in upper state New York. When he would suddenly stop talking to me on hangout, he would come back on several days later saying his group had to go to the Syeria border to take care f a security issue. If you read his texts, emails, and hangout notes very carefully, yoy will note english is not his first language. No one in america says their daughter is doing practicals they would say their daughter is doing finals at collage. I wish you luck, he will ask that she let a freind use her Match account. This is what they do, they use someone elses account, as soon as they make a connection, they immediately sdisappears from the site. If you ask him, he will tell you that he found his soul mate, or the women of his dreams, or the love of his lif and there is no need to be on the site anymore. And because you are developing this relationship eith him, you don’t need to be on it either, thus, it is paid for, why not let someone else find the love of their life. He told me that they could not get past the first page on the Match site from Syria. Good luck.


  6. On 1-29-2016 this individual contacted me via Match thru a chat window. We talked a bit and he gave me his email address which is a gmail account so that we could talk in hangout. Everything seemed normal, he really had me going, I thought he was really going to be a match, until the flags started to rise. It cost me money to do background checks on this person as well as search records for birth, death and marriage license. He stated the following:
    1- He was widowed for approx. 9 years wife’s name was Mary
    Upon checking with the social security death index for the years 2007 +/- 5 years there is absolutely no record of death for Mary Nugent in any state of the USA. He claimed she passed in Boston.
    2- He raised his daughter Beverly Nugent current age 22 years
    Upon checking birth records for this child’s birth to parents Mary and Kevin Nugent in any state in USA, I check 1994 +/- 5 years. There are also no marriage records for either Mary Nugent, or Kevin Nugent in Boston area, Indiana or any other state around the 1994 time frame.
    3- His daughter attends school at Kings College in London England her course of study is Hospitality and Hotel Management
    I called the school and they do not have a Beverly Nugent registered as an international student or as a student period. They have no course for the above noted course.
    4- He worked in Europe most Germany and England for many years
    Impossible to verify but then, if you read his emails he is not American and English is not his first language, if you read carefully he does not have a good command of the English language.
    5- He claims to be raised in South Boston.
    Did a background search on him, he does not exist in any state, he claims to be 61 years old. Could find no birth certificate for him.
    6- He is a Contractor for the Indiana Army National Guard stationed for 1 yr and 2 months in Syria
    I contacted Indiana Army National Guard, while the right to privacy law prevented them from giving me information, they did clear up a lot of other questions. This guy is a fraud.
    7- He is due back in USA at end of month, no mention as to which month
    This is a neat trick, you cannot have dinner or drinks with someone 5000 miles away. What a racket.
    8- He asked me at one point to change the setting on my Match account to allow an associate to use my account as he could not sign up for an account from Syria. I refused stating this was not legal and against Match rules.
    He got a bit pissy when I refused to do this, and did not respond hangout or emails for a couple of days, then he contacted me all apologies stating he was on patrol on the Syria border and could not get in touch with me. The issue of changing my Match account never mentioned again.
    9- Then yesterday, he asked me for $1500.00 so his daughter could finish school as she lost her funding. See above, called the school, no such person attends. I did not send the money. He accessed me of not trusting him and assured me he would pay me back once he got back to the US and we finally met. He said that with the relationship we built up I should be able to help him. I did not feel the same way.
    10- I asked him to give me his APO address, he stated he did not have one, and besides he would be home before the item got to him via snail mail of an APO. The Army National Guard stated they do have an APO so personal stationed oversea can receive mail and other items. Another lie.
    11- He stated once he sold his parents property and he had $450K in the bank. He told me he did not have access to this money from Syria. He also tried to tell me that he had a issue in the past with obtaining money while over seas. I asked the Army National Guard about this as well. While they are half way around the world they are on a base and do have access to money in accounts whether it be at home or abroad. Again a lie.
    This is what else I have discovered:
    1- He has a Circle and every person in it is female and all are widowed, divorced and there are 8 of them. Rebecca Baisch, Kim Slark, Carolyn Wood, Cheryl Kronholm, Sally Krum, Judith Zillner, Shelly Harvey, Althea Teadt,
    2- The Phone number he game me is 716-992-6554, he stated it is a cell phone. The phone is listed in Baffalo NY: Eden, NY, the registered owner is Lauren Jean Glase age 40 DOB 9-30-xx
    3- Other phone numbers registered to this individual is
    a. 919-992-6554
    b. 919-403-9836
    c. 919-382-2024
    d. 815-654-0406
    e. 336-992-6554
    f. 315-992-6554
    g. 919-941-0844
    4- Address associated with these phone numbers are
    a. Raleigh NC
    b. Marcellus, NY
    c. Syracuse, NY
    d. Kenersville, NC
    e. Durham, NC
    f. Burlington, NC
    g. Jamestown, NY
    5- Other names associated with these phone numbers and locations are
    a. Benjamin H. Glase
    b. Erin N Glase
    c. James A Glase
    d. Sheryl Lynn Clase
    e. Mary M Cunningham
    6- I feel this is a very large scam ring of men and women who pray on widows both male and female. They are using dating web sites for contacts.
    7- This guy was very, very good, he said all the right things at the right time. He was kind and considerate. Then as the inconsistencies started to pile up, I started doing checks. This guy is not real, he is a fraud.


  7. Please email me because he is trying to have a relationship with me. It’s hard for me to believe that he is not real. Just give me a reply if you can.


    • Ladies, please be aware that this smooth talking, charming man is very, very good at this. If it is a man at all. There are times the text are perfect, then times when you know English isn’t something that he has down to an art yet. He’s getting cocky in that he has gone from asking for $1500.00 dollars from one of you to asking for 20,000.00 from me. Insistent that when comes home at the end of April that he’ll pay it back. Really? I know that there are women out there that would give him what ever he wants but I am not one of them. He obviously is using photos of someone other than himself because if this was the real con on the pictures he would have already been in trouble with the military. They won’t play once this gets to the right people.


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