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Pierre Curry

  • Scammer First Name: Pierre
  • Scammer Last Name: Curry
  • Scammer Nick name: Sparky
  • Age: 49
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: pierrecurry77@yahoo.com
  • Listed: May 18, 2013 3:44 am
Pierre Curry
Pierre Curry - Image 1Pierre Curry - Image 2


Pierre Curry is a scammer. He is very good at his “job”. He claimed to be a pilot for an oil company and have a daugher in Nigeria under the care of a nanny. He has numerous pictures that he can send. Some are him and his daughter (Cheryl) doing Taekwondo, or relaxing in a family room with a honey colored poodle pup. He weaves a massive story with many characters, some of who will email you for a variety of reasons. Pierre is a complete fraud. One picture he sent to me displayed a Convention Center’s name and the organizational event. Through that picture I was able to discover the date and location of the event…it was not even in the same country as he stated. Through that photo I was able to meet people who knew the people pictured in the photo and I was able to discover the name and location of the person who’s picture Pierre was using. He has been contacted and informed of the use of his pictures and he has taken what action he can to alert others that any pictures of him are being used illegally. The man in the picture is completely a victum of this person as are any woman who fall for Pierre’s stories. Pierre is very intelligent, fluent in French, and well versed in the Bible. I have informed him I know who the real person is, but he insists the pictures are of him. That is his story and he is sticking to it. He bases his control over women’s emotions through the pictures he uses. Pierre is completely opposite of what you see in the pictures. The pictures are of a really respectable person, where as Pierre is the lowest life form on earth.



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13 Responses to “Pierre Curry”

  1. deleted by author’s request


    • Robin, early on you said you KNEW who the real person who’s picture is above. Unless you have gotten that information from a valid American source, you do not know who the real person is, especially if you still believe you are talking to the pilot who’s picture you see above. Any thing you have been told by Pierre, or any of his many personalities, is a lie. The real pilot is a very happily married father of one. He lives in the US, is professionally employed and very active in business. He is also very active with community organizations with his family. He is not and never has exchanged emails or IM with any one on a dating site. The real man’s name is not Pierre and his child’s name is not Cheryl or what ever you were told. He does not work for an oil company, he is not in Nigeria or on an oil rig and the qualities of the real man are the furthest thing from Pierre’s as one can get. If you are still talking to Pierre and believing what he is telling you, you are being deceived. Pierre is using this other man’s photos for his own picture would reveal the truth of who and what he is to the women he writes. I can not say it any plainer than to state that the attractive smiling blond pilot is not who is writing or IMing you. Do not allow Pierre to weave his web of lies any longer. When confronted with the truth of his real identity, he will stick to his lies and sound so maligned that you should not believe him. He is the worst of humanity. His identity was not stolen and his email was not hacked. His story is the same over and over and over….only the victims are different. To break free of Pierre, you must accept that the real man who’s picture you see is REAL. He is a great person. He has is own life. His own wife and family. He IS NOT Pierre. His only connection with Pierre is he was unlucky enough to have his pictures stolen by him. There is an old saying…”Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.


  2. I met a guy on this dating site. My first time on here. He Dennis Walter aka Funwalter202 message me saying he likes my profile, the words on my profile. I didn’t respond right away, because on his profile he is from Sacramento, California. That is a distance from me. It took me about 3 hours before I respond to him. He told me he would like to get to know me better. We IM each other for a couple of days. Then he gave me his email address, d.wal30@yahoo.com. We have been emailing or texting each other everyday.
    On his profile, he is an engineer self employed, married 15 years, divorced 5 years. He has one son. He have a good relationship with his parents. They go to church a lot. Looking to get married again, just finding the right woman. He said he is Begium born speak with a heavy accent. We talked a few times on the phone. He was too good to be true. He always asked how I’m doing. Sends me good morning messages, and bible scripture. The 22nd day of us just chatting, he said that he was in love with me. He want to married me, want to be my husband.
    He had a project in Singapore. We stayed in touch, through email or text. A few times he called, just to hear my voice. Then one time he called, asked for my ring size, to buy me an engagement ring. After his trip in Singapore, he was suppose to meet up with me. he asked to take off time at for him. So I did, I had some vacation time.
    Here we go. He text me saying he needs money for government tax in Singapore, $1,500, then $650, because the airlines in Singapore won’t let him leave the country until he can show he have cash on hands coming to Pennsylvania. And he specify the amount $650.
    I told him he is a liar and a scammer. I tried talking to him on the phone, he didn’t answer. Like a little kid, text me saying I’m insulting him and calling him names, he’s mad.
    It was too good to be true. I got in touch with Black People Meet to them know what’s going on.


  3. deleted by author’s request


    • He is not dying. It is all a lie. Every word he types is a lie. His sole purpose is to convince you to send money. The person you think you were writing to does not exist. The photos were stolen from a man who had nothing to do with Pierre or any of his stories. The man who has been writing you is a Nigerian. He looks nothing like the pictures you have seen. If you were to see his real pictures you would never write him, that is why he has to steal and use other peoples photos. Just keep reminding yourself he is a person without a soul. He does not care what damage he does to someone’s life. He is as bad or worse than a murder. A murder at least would be hunted down by law enforcement. These people can destroy peoples lives financially, emotional, and physically and nothing is done. You will have to reclaim your life. Stop discussing it with these so called friends, you do not need their constant criticism. Nothing will be changed by their constant harping on this subject. It is over, now it is time for you to pick yourself up and look forward. You will not forget, but you will survive this and discover just how much inner strength you have. Keep the faith that “this too will pass” and life will improve and be happy again.


  4. Robin and others, do not beat yourself up over having been taken in by Pierre or someone similar. They do everything in their power to be sure you are deceived. They use pictures of people who are good looking and kind looking. They state they are the person in the picture. Every word out of their lips or typed is a purposeful lie. They trust the reader will believe it all, for most people believe other people are good and trust worthy. The person who talked to us as Pierre was a very intelligent educated person…the type you would expect to be a pilot. He was exceptionally good at “verbal judo” where he can turn every conversation to his advantage. Most people do not know this is what is happening…they only know that he makes everything he is saying sound logical. We were ‘girl scouts’ confronted by Genghis Khan. He was waging an attack on us and we did not even know it was happening. He made himself very personable and that is one reason it hard to accept he has done nothing but lie from the very first sentence he wrote. Knowing and accepting that the man in the picture is not the real Pierre really does help. The man who’s pictures were used by Pierre was a victim, just like the women Pierre used. You may have to sometimes remind yourself PV did not do any of the things Pierre is guilty of.

    I am convinced Pierre is a Nigerian national who is part of an extremely large ring of scammers. There have been sites where Pierre’s name and stolen photo were used and when contacted, the person did not recognize my name. Once I made reference to knowing them, they quickly vanished. On one scam site someone reported someone talking to them using a different name but an email address Pierre had once used. The writing as posted was not done by the same person who talked to us as Pierre. This second person was much less educated and did not have the writing skill of the person who we talked with.

    These people lie and scam people as a profession. They practice until they are the best at what they do. They know everything is a charade while the victim believes it is all real. They are people with no morality. They are evil and most people are not prepared to recognize evil, especially when it is disguised as good. You are right, it has been a life experience that has made you a stronger and wiser person. People who tell you they would not have been deceived under similar circumstances are deceiving themselves.


  5. Robin, any picture that has been reported to the numerous scam sites can be verified. Open any dating site through google search engine. Open a second window in google to google images. Pull one page off the other so that they each have their own window. I reduce each to take up half the screen each. By clicking on a picture on the site, you can drag it to the image search box. If the picture has been reported on a scam site, it will come up as a matching source such as romancescam.com or pig busters etc. If the person is on facebook or other social sites that information may come up too. People’s names who have them as friends will also come up sometimes so do not assume those names are names they are using. Many pictures are stolen from model/actors and the pictures have not been reported. Many of these will bring up a site that gives the real name of the person who’s picture it is stolen from and none of the information (name or location) matches with the date site profile. These of course are fake profiles. Many pictures have not been reported so this method is not the ultimate answer. My complaint of dating sites is they could easily have programs where these reported scam pictures could be downloaded. Then when someone tried to open a profile using a reported photo, it would be an automatic reject. I have reported the same photos over and over on the same sites. They will use one photo under many different names and have two or more profiles from each state. Multiple profiles on a site using the same photo is not acceptable when there are programs available that identify matching photos. I report all profiles that I know are verified scammers. Since discovering this method of checking photos, I have found 75 to 80 percent of all people contacting me are verified scammers. Hope this method of checking images is helpful.


  6. Robin, When we first talked he was supposedly working for an oil company as pilot and engineer. His daughter Cheryl was suppose to be in Nigeria under the care of Mrs Brown her nanny. His wife was supposedly killed in an explosion. Cheryl was supposedly in a private Christian school. Other characters in his play were Mr Melvin, C’s teacher, some Dr on the rig, a father like figure on the rig who left for a vacation and never returned. Melvin was suppose to be a friend in Nigeria who was suppose to be helping him. When we started talking after that long time off, he was on a rig in the Persian Gulf…a major slip of memory. He could write French fluently, very knowledgeable of the Bible and Christian faith, and as you remarked, very sharp. I assume you “talked” with Cheryl. Who ever played that part was rather poor at it. They wrote very childish and extremely poor in grammar and style.

    I consider it a blessing to have learned who the real man and child are. Their quality of character is the ultimate opposite of the people involved with this fraud.

    I have learned to drag pictures to the google images box to see if the photos have been reported on the many scam sites. It will only catch those reported, but it is a help. Every dating and social site should have to have a photo recognition program, loaded with all known photos used by scammer. It would scan every photo down loaded onto their site. This would put a big hurt on scanners to be able to use stolen photos. Many other things could be required of various businesses that would force them to take and store photos of any one receiving money over a specific amount or funds received from out of country. These fairly simple requirements would put most of these scammers out of business. I am on several dating sites and spent a good deal of time verifying photos. Any that are found to be used by a scammer are reported. I am convinced some of these sites do little to nothing to remove even known scammers. Hope this information is of help.


  7. deleted by author’s request


  8. deleted by author’s request


    • Robin, I believe I first heard from Pierre the fall of 2010 on Mate1. We had talked a few times on IM. Talked to him over Christmas break of 2010 and then around Easter of 2011 we were talking more often. Over the next few months we talked a great deal. That fall of 2011 he had an “accident” on the oil rig he worked for and needed money for an x-ray machine to be brought to the rig…or he could die. Did not talk to him for many months after that, but in 2012 he contacted me again. It was the same old story… he needed money to leave where he was. The spring of 2013 I attended a TKD event in Wis. and from that learned the true identity of the person in the picture. Pierre was still contacting me and I informed him I knew who the picture really belonged to. He still was sticking to his story…the pictures were of him, he didn’t know who this other person was but they were lying. He continued to play his role just like always. I typed in his email address to a site that locates people by phone numbers or email addresses and a picture came up for his address. I have no way to know if the picture is truly the real Pierre, but it very well could be. He of course asked who the picture was of when I sent it to him saying this was the picture connected to his address. I often told him he should take up writing instead of scamming , for he could make up some elaborate tales. I often wondered how he kept all of the details straight. I have not seen him on his IM over the last month or so, though he did drop me note on IM from it last week. Believe he has gone to someone else’s pictures for I have seen none of the pictures he was using. He did have a profile on Facebook but I have not check lately to see if it was still there. I reported it for using the
      stolen photos. There were times I wondered if he didn’t truly believed he was the man in the photos. No matter how much I insisted I knew the truth, he stayed in character. Hope this helped with a time frame for you. Good people can not recognize evil, especially when it is hiding behind pictures of a really ‘good’ person. We were seeing in the pictures the innate qualities of the “real” man, while Pierre used these qualities to conceal his own true character, which is pure evil. Evil is the only word for people like Pierre Curry. I know ALL you have felt and experienced because Pierre’s lies. Despite or because of life’s challenges we will be stronger for them. Life’s best to you.


  9. deleted by author’s request


    • I am the person who wrote the article you responded to referring to Pierre. The pictures he uses were stolen. The person we were seeing is a really good person with a family and career. I was able through the one picture to discover and contact the real person. Pierre used this other man’s qualities. From all of the names he uses, he must use the names of some of his victims…I must be Mrs. Sharon. I also agree he has to be the closest thing to a drug one can encounter. That is exactly how I felt at times. It is almost like being hypnotized. He is now using another email address for the old one, which is still useable, is rarely active. I have not seen any pictures he uses on any sites for well over a year, but there could be many overseas that he uses. I thought at times too, that I was not talking to the same person. It was like someone was sitting in for Pierre. The style of talking was changed. Hope all victims of this Pierre are able to move past what he has done to them. I hope some day to hear our government and Nigeria are taking these crime seriously. As a victim I know of several steps that could be taken to bring it to a major halt. I am sure I speak for many when I say I would love to see a report where this fraud has been caught.


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