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Michael Dipego (Ricardo Dipego)

  • Scammer First Name: Michael
  • Scammer Last Name: Dipego
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: ricardodpgo@yahoo.com
  • Scammer Phone: 60608 989-385-5096
  • Operates on websites: eHarmony myspaces
  • Listed: April 9, 2012 10:04 pm
Michael Dipego (Ricardo Dipego)
Michael Dipego (Ricardo Dipego) - Image 1Michael Dipego (Ricardo Dipego) - Image 2


He was using the name Matthew Linville, daughter Stella. Said he was from Chicago but had a family home in Louisville Ky. Exports BMW cars for a living. He went to the UK and the Niegria he was robbed in Niegra, they took his laptop, luggage and everything else that he had. He was hit in the head with a gun and shot in the hand, rob of the money he was to pay customs to get the cars out that were shipped there. The bank back in US was sending money to him through a bank in Niegra. They have been taking forever to get the money for him, he was in the hopsital. He needed food to eat because the hospital wouldn’t feed him. The hospital had his pass port until they were paid. He said his daughter was able to get 350 to send to him but he needed more to pay off the bill and to get food. He gave me a name and that name was flagged by western union (online) and then he gave me the name Ricardo Dipego to send it to, said both were one of the doctors there in the hospital. I searched the Name Ricardo and came to this site. I posted something that day on here about all of this. Then sent a email to everyone I knew to send it out. He called me the next day and was crying on the phone saying ‘He loved me so much and that one day he would find me and tell me to my face and the world that he loved me. ‘ That night after I got home we had argued on line and he got me to send him 100.00. I know that doesn’t sound like much but it was all I had.
Then after that of course it wasn’t enough he had to get out of the hospital so he could go to the bank, get his money and then go to customs. He wanted me to call around and try to find some money for him. I called with no luck and of course he wouldn’t let up on the money thing. He was soon out of the hospital still owing the bill and now on the streets with no where to go and no food to eat. He played with my mind, emotions so badly it is unbelievable now. I called an ex boyfriend of mine to see if he would help me, of course I said it was for myself. All I will say now about that is I got serviously injuried. He didn’t care when I said I was going to call my ex boyfriend who he knew was abusive,, It was all about the money. He has no human compassion.
Now that I was unable to get any money by last Saturday night he is now playing another game on me and telling me he is in jail, having a friend and his 16 yr old contact me and make me feel bad because I let her dad go to jail.
These games these men are playing with human minds, souls, emotions, lives are not funny and they are not fair. I myself feel a victim and I have lost more then just 100.00 and a high cell bill. My pain is only beginning and it will take years to heal from what happened to me because I believed him and Loved him and I really fell for his words and game. I have photos and I have not seen them on any of the scam sites I have looked. I can’t post most of them because the daughter is in them. Who ever this man is or men are, they need to be stop.. I have saved all the emails, IM messages and all the information I have found reseaching for who he is. I really fell in love with him. And I really got hurt and not just emotionally and broken hearted. I don’t want to talk about what happened to me, I think seriously injuried sums it up good.
They need to be stopped..
He is on myspace and has sites under Ricardo, Matthew and I also found some sites using parts of my name. Taken as tokens to remember his victum by. If anyone knows who this man is please let everyone know. He is a real charmmer and says all the right things. Fell in love with me from the first time he seen me. Says ‘You belong to me’ ‘You are mine forever’. Sent poems and nicely written letters that are probably copy pasted from other web sites. I sent him some of my poems that I had written and they are probably being used in his scams now. Sacrey thing it I sent him photos and talked to him for two months and confided in him as if he was my bestfriend, yes he is very easy to talk to and very smooth in what he says and does.
Becareful ladies.



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