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Mark Johnson

  • Scammer First Name: Mark
  • Scammer Last Name: Johnson
  • Scammer Nick name: dream_catcher114, sofheart_ luv , softheart_luv2
  • Country: Nigeria
  • City: Lagos
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: time2luv_real@yahoo.com fallingheart4uall@hotmail.com
  • Scammer Phone: 0112348073346713 0112340101765341 0112347027644627 +23497820351 0112348073346713
  • Operates on websites: Match.com, Tagged.com
  • Listed: April 11, 2012 11:56 am
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson - Image 1Mark Johnson - Image 2


I was on Match.com for about 2 weeks, had pulled my profile from the site, about a week later, I kept getting im messages from a Mark Johnson (not sure what his real name was) but supposedly from Holland, self employed working in the computer industry. Ladies, I am self employed as well, but if people can’t properly articulate what they do for a living, then ‘friend beware’! (I am enclosing pictures of him and supposedly his son as presented to me just so you will know what this scammer looks like). I actually believe they are using other peoples pictures online – so I apologize if this is someone’s picture being used fraudulently by them – but wanted other women to recognize this con if he listed again.

After 2 weeks of conversing on yahoo im and being told he was in Lagos Nigeria on business due to return to Texas on August 19th. Advised he didn’t have a cell yet and was supposedly staying in a hotel in Nigeria with a small office there and his son was with him going to a teacher lecture during the day. One week after conversing he indicates he was going to an orphanage to do some work when asked what kind of work, he indicated he was going to give them money because that was what they needed most – shortly afterwards he asked me if I was interested in helping, kept pressuring me about this because he wanted to tell them that he had some other people who wanted to help – oh by the way, he had called his mother and she was also sending money for the cause. Now I am thinking this stems from the fact that he had learned that I do non profit work with youth – are you starting to get the correlation of why he used this to try to con me? When I told him that there are a number of non profits that needed help and I would not consider it without more details on who they were, if they were licensed, targeted youth, I needed specific credentials before I would ever consider doing anything like this.

After he got no money from me for the orphanage and as the weekend approached when he was supposed to be flying from Nigeria back to Texas he began asking if I could pick him up from another airport due to a layover. Coincidentally, the day before he was scheduled to leave, he was at customs checking in his “goods from China” he gets a call and his son was in an auto accident, of course he was alleged to have had severe head injuries and had to have emergency surgery. He shared he had tied up $15,000 with customs for his goods coming in from China and the hospital required the monies to be paid up front before they would do his surgery. (I did validate this with my friend as doctors in Nigeria are afraid they will not get paid and if it is not a very reputable paying insurance company they will not accept an insurance card). My friend also told me that there are so many scams in that area – that’s all they do is scam and many good people from their don’t even engage with them or go into those areas where there is no official government. After drilling this guy asking what happened to the person that hit them (the car ran away (hit and run); of course he didn’t want to lose his son and he was looking for monies, said he is mom had sent all she had but he didn’t have any more monies, at first looking for monies for airfare to which I responded, you travel internationally so often that you have no frequent flyer miles. My response when he needed $956 to get his son out of the hospital with $450 being in medicine, I told him he needed to go to the embassy and tell them what was happening. As this little episode got closer I pretended I might be able to help but I needed more details, I asked for his child’s full name, date of birth, other identifiers that the hospital would ask for, asked for hospital name and number, someone in billing; asked for his home address, his mother’s home address in Holland, his hotel number, room number; I began to ask for so much detail but could see that he was responding with such information just a little too quickly and too accommodating for such personal things I was asking and especially since he had never met me. I followed up with a call about an hour later to the hospital only to have a Nigerian male answer the phone and he said nothing about Talent hospital, he answered with hello, I indicated I was inquiring about a little boy who was involved in an accident and we needed to get his final bill amount for discharge – he asked me the child’s name and I told him Craig Mark Johnson – he told me “he” would look it up and I would have to call back. I’m thinking the hospital set up is pretty different from US, but usually the person who answers the phone and doesn’t address the name of the hospital and tells me he will look it up and I needed to call back smelled to the high heavens as it sounded like a one man operation and he probably needed to add some additional charges – in fact he said the child needed additional work done – I asked him how he knew this not being the child’s doctor. I called this number back about an hour later (as Mark Johnson continued to text me trying to get me to hurry and send money) this time the same Nigerian male answered the phone with hello, I put my friend on the phone who I happened to be with, and the man immediately asked us what was our relationship with Craig – even though we had never mentioned his name to the guy, I proceeded to let him know that their little scam would not work with me and hung up. Within 30 seconds, Mark Johnson – online dater called me from an unknown number and asked me if I was sending the money – now I thought it was pretty interesting since he supposedly left the hospital hours before, yet as soon as I hang up on this guy telling him this was a scam, I immediately get a call from Mark – what was interesting he continued to cover and told me I had not spoken with Craigs doctor – and he had the gumption to im me later and say he wished I could call AirFrance for him because he was going to lose his money on the ticket since he couldn’t get his son out of the hospital now. I also detected that his accent and dialect was totally better once I told him he picked the wrong sucker this time. There is a lot more I could share but just wanted to keep it as brief as possible without leaving out how you too can read between their slick lines.

By the way, the first flag for me was the fact he had an American name and I did research on their culture and country and that was extremely odd.

So when there are flags, investigate just a little and move on – they are not as smart as they think they are – let’s redeem what they are saying about Americans and let them know we are not as stupid as they think we are – Peace.



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