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Liar, deceiver, con artist, avoid her at all costs!

  • Scammer First Name: Jacklyn/Jacueline/Jeanette
  • Scammer Last Name: Anton/Anton/Levitt, Ramsos, Page, Perkins respectively
  • Scammer Nick name: Aliases include: Jeanette Levitt, Jacqueline, Jacklyn, J, Jaye, and more.
  • Age: 51
  • Zip/Postal Code: 84604 (Utah) and 96741 (Kauai)
  • Country: United States
  • City: Provo/Orem, Utah and Kalaheo, Kauai
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: jacquelinej.rn@gmail.com
  • Scammer Phone: (424) 234-0972
  • Operates on websites: Who Is Jacklyn Anton? - Cosmetic Surgery: Recovery Tips ... So, who is Jacklyn Anton? An operating room nurse, sharing some great surgery prep and recovery information with you! www.your-cosmetic-surgery-guide.com/who-is-jacklyn-anton... - Cached Jacklyn Anton - Self Improvement from SelfGrowth.com Jacklyn Anton ... ***Do You Know Where Your Calcium Comes From? What the Best Source of Calcium is ... www.selfgrowth.com/experts/jacklyn_anton - Cached Acne Scars Treatment Ideas: Get Rid of Acne Scars Naturally Jacklyn Anton's areas of expertise are in nutritional healing and cosmetic surgery. With nearly two decades of experience working with doctors in nutritional ... ezinearticles.com/?Acne-Scars-Treatment-Ideas:-Get-Rid... - Cached
  • Listed: October 22, 2012 4:22 am


1) I have been researching many websites and have picked the brains of my counselor, friends who are psychologists and medical doctors, and journal articles, trying to find a reason why my ex-fiancé left abruptly. We were discussing our weeding plans one night and the next morning she left. She left her immaculate 2004 Toyota Pick-up, all of her belongings, likely over $1000 or more of naturalpathtic supplements, all of her clothing and belongings, except for two suitcases of clothing and a backpack with her lap top and some personal medications and supplements. She picked them up from her apt. two months later. I have the feeling she is a con artist. I now believe her MO is to find lonely, vulnerable divorcees to get them to become engaged, obtain a ring then split. There may also be a motive to acquire property by convincing a man to sign a prenup wherein he signs over his house in the event something should happen to him. I was reluctant on both of these issues. I was not going to present her with a ring until we were at the alter and the prenup included returning the ring in the event of a divorce. I would never agree to signing the house over to her despite her wanting to force me to make a choice between her or my children regarding the house. I was duped into going from a silver wedding band into having a customized $2500 ring with rose gold bands and a 1-carat marquee diamond. Fortunately my friend , whom I have known for 15 years, held the ring until I gave him permission. I felt unsettled about giving it to her just yet, and why we went from simplistic to extraordinary within hours. Two days after she left, she called my friend and wanted the ring. He said it was only for me to give her. He told me she said she wasn’t there to talk about (me), but about the ring. He would not relent. She had also provided him, on consignment, a solitaire diamond ring and a solid gold necklace for him to make offers on. I was there a few weeks earlier when she had them mailed from California. She was secretive and evasive when I asked her whom they were from. She said a friend then changed the subject.

2) This seemed very highly unlike her. I believe she is hiding something about herself. I did contact her the day she left. She spoke to me for approximately 10 seconds saying she should never have been engaged to me, will not be marrying me, cannon stick around here any loner, is on her way to Montana with her daughter, I need to accept it and move on, I (me) deserve better. Then she hung up. She would not answer any calls, texts, emails, or a personal letter in the following two days.

3) I received a small packet/padded envelope from her address in Kauai, a P.O. Box 309, in Kalaheo, Kauai. It was a gift she returned to me. It was not her handwriting. It was postmarked September 12th. It arrived to me on the 15th. I have a friend, who is also divorced, like me, with whom I was sharing this odd incident. She recognized the name of the woman who left me. She described her perfectly and said she is living in the area and not in Kauai. She is in the same dance class as my friend every Wednesday evening. That so happened to be the 12th. My friend has seen her at various local single’s dances as well. I showed her a picture off the Internet and my friend confirmed that she is living nearby. Why send it to Kauai only to send it to me?

4) This woman has aliases, about 9 from the site People Smart. One is Jeanette Levitt, I saw on one credit card, and Jacqueline Anton on another credit card. Her current name was Jacqueline Anton, she now goes by Jacklyn Anton. She was insistent that people not use any form of abbreviated name for Jacqueline at the time. My only consolation has been that she stated I deserved better. I am willing to send the site where her pic may be found, in case there is a copyright issue. I believe I am not the first man to be love-bombed then dropped on his head, and I will definitely not be the last. She needs to be stopped and no one has the guts to confront her because of the extreme guilt and shame of being duped. I cannot see another faithful and vulnerable man/men be hurt like this and possibly more than their heart. It seems like a trivial matter, however, that is why she continues to operate her life of pain and devastation toward many, because her behavior has been trivialized and never reported. There is likely more to her than meets the eye. She needs to be exposed, even if it is to warn many others who might fall prey to her seduction then abandonment. Moreover, I truly have a sense that she is obtaining property, including rings, and maybe houses, and also money from people whom she professes to love. She has her own supplement distribution business and does phone consultations at an outrageous fee per hour. Here are lists of websites on which she may be found. Ironically, one is entitled, “So who is Jacklyn Anton?” Her picture is on these sites, which are protected by copyrights.

This woman may be a con artist and possibly have undiagnosed personality disorders, such as Borderline with Narcissistic qualities. I am not a professional to make such a diagnosis, though her behaviors match 6 of the 9 qualifying criteria for Borderline and all of the criteria for Narcissistic Personality according to the DSM-4. It is not uncommon for them to develop a sociopathy wherein they devastate and ruin the lives of countless others with whom they come in contact. They are so good at lying and deceiving that no one is exempt from their emotional blood-letting skills. They know what they do and are confident in their skills they have mastered over a lifetime. Please, please beware and avoid this evil seductress at all costs or it may very well cost you. She claims she was raped by her father from age 4 through age 16. She claims she changed her name because the Jewish Mafia was after her, her 3rd husband was involved with this entity, per her report. She says her 1st husband was gay yet he remarried a woman 8 months after he filed for divorce against this woman and went on to have 4 children with his new wife. She claims to have been bedridden for 10 consecutive years. She claims to have suffered a traumatic brain injury at age 24 from a bicycle accident wherein she also broke her neck and was pronounced dead at the scene. She said she was in a coma for several weeks but has not such evidence of any incoordination, no tracheostomy scar on her neck, and yet she said she had to learn to walk and talk and do everything in her life all over again. She was married 3 times. She says in one of her websites the phrase, “. . . . . one of my children. . . . .” yet she has only one daughter. It is well to believe that her daughter, Sophie, whom she calls “Dave,” may be an accomplice to her con games. The timeline of events described above do not match or synchronize at all. Too much in too little time. Lots more to the whole story, and that’s what is truly is, a story. All lies! She will profess her eternal love to you and that God brought her together to you and you are the only one who has ever truly understood her and has made her feel so close. She says that she knew you from heaven before you were born and your souls are meant to be eternal and she loves you with every cell in her body. (These are her very words.) If you do not play into her game, she will dump you and leave you out of the blue. You will be heartbroken and will take you longer to heal from than any other relationship you have ever had. It is toxic and poison so PLEASE beware and do not get love-bombed. She will tell you she loves you on your 2nd date and pretend she should not kiss you yet until she is ready. Then when she informs you it’s OK to kiss her, she will kiss you relentlessly thereafter. This is how she keeps you “hooked.” You need to run fast and far away before all of this. Just don’t get involved. Warn as many men as you possibly can. I wish all the best and be careful. There are simply evil people out in the world who have no empathy, no remorse, and no care about you, your family, or your life. It’s all about her only.



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2 Responses to “Liar, deceiver, con artist, avoid her at all costs!”

  1. Please contact me at Clinton.jones2783@gmail.com. Need information on this woman.


  2. ExposingTheTruth on October 22, 2012 @ 6:19 am

    That’s horrible. How long were you with her (living with her) before she did this? And I can’t believe she had the gulls to contact your friend about the ring. I don’t understand why she’d leave all her belonging, esp her car. How did she leave without a vehicle? Jc.

    You should post your story on Romancescam(dot)com – it’s a very popular site and this type of ‘scam’ isn’t as ‘popular’ as online dating scams.

    I hope you overcome this and I hope this doesn’t affect your next relationship. Not all women are evil gold diggers. Goodluck and i’m sorry.


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