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Dating scammer Simmon Hook

  • Scammer First Name: Simmon
  • Scammer Last Name: Hook
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: simmonhook@yahoo.com
  • Listed: April 23, 2012 8:11 pm
Dating scammer Simmon Hook
Dating scammer Simmon Hook - Image 1


Dear xxx, greetings to you, I’m new on this website, adding new friends … it is always worth it and relationships are important. I have read your profile you seems honest, your smile shows a beauty that I don’t find in any other profile, age and distance are never an obstacle in a relationship …my e-mail address simmonhook@yahoo.com

hello dear
thank you for taking your time to reply
and here is pics




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2 Responses to “Dating scammer Simmon Hook”

  1. scam trapper on January 30, 2013 @ 6:54 am

    This guy is still scamming and using same pics…..

    on facebook as evan havard, floyd evan, evan floyd

    bigchurch.com he is tony aged 47

    and he has been named as scammer using andy williams


  2. scam trapper on November 1, 2012 @ 5:47 am

    I Joined be2.com and Richard larder came up as a match. had picture on the site.

    His ‘story’, which I have tried to put together, is that he said was Optometrist from Liverpool UK at Liverpool Royal. Hospital. He had an ex-partner in Iceland and a son who was 19, called Phillip. He was from Norway, but had worked in London, and then Liverpool for 16 years. His parents were from Norway, but lived and worked in the UK, but had retired back to Norway, to Oslo, to retire. He wanted to take me to Oslo as soon as I said it would be lovely to go. I asked for another picture and he sent one. He had an Norwegian accent, that was consistent whenever we spoke, but his grammar was appalling for someone who had lived in UK for so long.

    After several messages he suggested I contact him via yahoo, as I had left Be2.com after a few days, as I thought it was not for me. I managed to pick out 2 scammers in about 6 days.

    I cancelled membership but am being harassed for £146.00 approx from Be2.com as they said I hadn’t cancelled; a separate issue really, which I have challenged them about and also advised them there were scammers on site.

    I contacted Richard Larder again, after a while of being ‘off’ the site just to chat as he was quite east to chat to.

    He declared his love etc. and the usual garble followed, asking if I loved him too…

    He said he was on leave from Liverpool Royal in October, to travel to Malaysia to Kuala Lumpar, as he had bought 17 cars which he had shipped there, to sell. he said he had put his life-savings into this venture. He said he had a friend who had done this and a contact person in Malaysia.

    He asked if I would meet him on his return and I agreed to this. He asked about travel and I said i love Rome; he rapidly said we would go to Rome as he loved me and wanted to marry me…

    I obviously had a strong inclination something was amiss, thus I started to question and challenge him.

    There were many phone calls and emails, skyping etc. for about a month, with him asking do I love him. Have met guys from being out with friends who do this, so it was not uncommon to me.

    He rang before going to Malaysia and arranged to chat via skype. The following day I went out for a drink with a friend and although I had spoken with him already, he rang me. When I went online he was annoyed I had gone out and asked whether I had ‘cheated’ on him. He then said things had gone wrong with his business in Malaysia. He said at first that he didn’t want to ‘worry’ me, thus he would not say what had happened. However, he proceeded to tell me that the cars had arrived but the Tax was a lot higher than expected. He said he had handed over 11K to the port, but the cars could not be released as he was 4k short. He said he ‘would sort it himself’. I realised I was being scammed and said I wish I could help. he immediately said he could not accept money from me and he would ‘sort things’ himself. He then said he was desperate and could I send money via Money gram or western union. I said I would try, and whilst online I tried to send £400.00, via money gram, which I knew would be rejected as I had used a card that had little money on it. It was rejected and he was insistent I try western union. I used my credit card this time, which I knew would be rejected, and sent money in stages, of £600.00, £600.00, £400.00, £400.00 and then £200.00. My card was maxed out but I was trying to see how far he would go and try and get a picture.

    He phoned me from ‘Malaysia’, about 3am and said the transfer had not gone through, via money gram. he said ‘the agent’, was becoming annoyed and he said the transaction details I had given him were wrong. He said to phone money gram, which I did. I spoke to ‘Octavia’ who said she needed to confirm my address. He wanted to listen on skype, whilst I did this. I was deliberately vague and she seemed to twig that something was amiss. She said to call in the morning when the bank was open. Richard Larder expressed frustration, but said to go to the bank and sort this by sending cash. I rang Octavia the following morning, with him being on skype and deliberately was vague about the transactions. She said they were declined, which I told Richard Larder was a shock. He said to get cash and send via nearby western union and contact him asap when money had been sent. I received a call from my bank on an automated fraud line, who asked re transactions, including the rejected £400.00 from western union.

    I told Richard that my bank account was frozen because of suspected money laundering and that I could not access funds. I said there was nothing I could do. He rang me about 15 times and I ignored his calls. Eventually I told him I had come home from work ill and because he was phoning me all the time, I said I was ill, with vomiting blood, and that I was waiting for the Dr to call. I then skped to say I had to be admitted to hospital and thus could do nothing to help. I blagged this for several days, saying I was too ill, needing tests etc. that I couldn’t help. He said I should leave the hospital and go to bank and send money ‘if I loved him I would do this’. He said his housekeeper, a male, could come and get the cash and confirm who he was.

    I rang Liverpool Royal Optometry Department on two occasions; they knew nothing of his name. When I said this, he said I must have spoken to the wrong person. I had

    He would not use webcam, stating his pc was not working. I could hear him typing on a keyboard in the background.

    I asked for current picture and he declined, with excuse he was a private man.

    I asked for Passport details, which he declined to give me as he was a Private man.

    He asked if I send money to another male, as he was Malaysian and could speak at counter to collect money without having to pick himself up, as the other man was at work and Richard said he felt guilty disturbing his day.

    I asked which hotel he was at and he said the Hotel Maya, but he would not give me the room number. I asked what the lobby looked like and he said it was nice. No details, which is what I wanted. I rang the Maya and there was no record of him being there. I told him this and he said he was at Hotel Maya, not The Hotel Maya, which I said was actually the one I rang.

    I checked his IP address, which was Ireland.

    I used Google and dropped his pictures into the image search and he came up on many sites as a scammer and on a mix of dating sites, including Facebook. I told him this and he said he would get his barrister to sort it on his return. I said I felt I had done a great job of trying to find out who was using his pictures and he must be so grateful for the effort, as I had nothing better to do on ward.

    After a bit of provocation, he messaged and said he did not think I was a good match for him…bye….I think he realised I am more than his match.

    He then came back onto Skype after trying to ask for money. This is not uncommen.

    I emailed eventually

    “Richard, Enword, Micheal, Gerald, Jude, Simmon, Henry, Brett, or who ever you are!!!!!…..You chat to me one minute and then disappear for no reason!…. from me saying I cannot help with your situation you went offline.

    I seriously do believe that you are a complete fraud and scammer. Everything clicked into place a long time ago, when you first said you were stuck and I offered to help. You jumped at the opportunity, but sadly, after seeing this picture on so many sites I knew what you were about and there was no way I would be persuaded to end you money. You must have been sent emails from sites I contacted as you asked me what I had said; clearly you were on these sites to scam others.

    I hope that time spent chatting to you has completely wasted your time as it may have thrown you from scamming someone else. You didn’t waste my time as distracting you from your scamming was well worth the effort…. You do this on an immense level and try every way, trying to make me feel guilty. One thing which sticks in my mind is that you said you would loose your job and it will be my fault!!! What kind of real person would say that. I have rang all optometrists in Liverpool Hospitals and you are not working in any of them. The whole tale about the cars was elaborate but you were trying to set me up from the start, telling me about cars. And surprise surprise! you get stuck in Malaysia and need cash. No credit card, no current account that I could send money to. Also the whole thing about hotels was interesting. When I rang you were not on there books and never had been. All the debate about seeing another picture of you, seeing passport, seeing hotel, was never going to happen as it was all fake.

    You have tried every way to make me feel bad, even demanding I leave hospital to gt money for you. I hope that you are caught and soon. I owe you nothing and if the authorities do arrest you, bring it on!

    I messaged the FBI with details and also Embassy in Malaysia with all details.

    These are the links to images of pictures he used on sites:

    http://www.christianmingle.com/singles/Manitoba/Winnipeg/Other/Baptist/ name: heartfelt45, which I reported to the site.

    http://www.facebook.com/micheal.barton.77. Which I reported to the site

    http://www.facebook.com/nicole.brett.33 Which I reported to the site

    Dating scammer Simmon Hook | Dating scams, scam artists
    dating-scam-report.com/ads/dating-scammer-simmon-hook which I cross referenced details with and added to these.

    New York Dating Club, New York Singles Club … – LavaPlace.com
    http://www.lavaplace.com/Personals/New-York/69133/8/ which I reported to the site

    Dating scammer Simmon Hook | Dating scams, scam artists
    dating-scam-report.com/ads/dating-scammer-simmon-hook which I cross referenced details with and added to these.

    Galerie > Male – Anti-Scam-Forum-NL Gallery
    dating-fraud.net/galerie/index.php?cat=6&page… which I cross referenced details with and added to these.
    Christian mingle.com http://www.christianmingle.com/singles/Manitoba/Winnipeg/Other/Baptist/ which I reported to site

    http://christiangays.com/ which I reported to site. Using name of prince124 – peerlessprince124@yahoo.com – Micheal Simmons.

    He uses the ids: Simmon Hook, simmonhook, Michal Hooks, Jude Mike, Nicole Brent, Micheal Barton, Gerald Collins, Heartfelt45, Micheal Simmons, Enword Johnson, Henry Noman, henrynoman, richardlarder44 and my favorite, prince124. Strangely, when I asked him in the beginning, what he preferred to be called, he said “Richard or My Prince”.


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