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Dating scammer Parker Lopez

  • Scammer First Name: Parker
  • Scammer Last Name: Lopez
  • Country: Ghana
  • City: Accra
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: Parkerlopez2000@yahoo.com
  • Operates on websites: match.com
  • Listed: April 27, 2012 5:09 pm
Dating scammer Parker Lopez
Dating scammer Parker Lopez - Image 1Dating scammer Parker Lopez - Image 2


Met this guy on match; a few emails later he was in love with me and soon started asking for money and to send it through Western Union to Accra Ghana to a Richard Afriyie. He also goes by the name John Manuel, Srgt. Steve Lopez and of course Parker Lopez. He is also on Facebook under these names.



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13 Responses to “Dating scammer Parker Lopez”

  1. June M Slattery on October 25, 2020 @ 8:51 am

    This man went by the name of Moss Lopez Philip’s or just Moss Lopez Now I have been talking to him for 4 years he knew everything about me we were to be married he kept calling me his wife and I called him husband because I believed his lies he told me he had a wife and a daughter and a son he told me that his wife died in a her rafiq car accident with their daughter I believed him his son was very young and in Dubai at the time his son’s 12th birthday was coming up and answered me if I would send him money and that he wanted to talk to his new mother to be that was me I was to become his new mom he has been wanting a new mother ever since his mom passed away this is what the man told me my whole world was wrapped up in him and his son I was sending him money as much as I could and I live off of social security income SSI you don’t get much I don’t get much from let it seem not to bother him he just won it whatever he asked for and I sent it out to Ghana in Africa how stupid was II believe this man but what’s bothering me is his name I don’t understand and I got photos that you girls don’t even have I can’t post anything right now because I’m still in talks with this man and I needed to go a little further with hymns because I just need to I can’t go any further than this but I want you to know he goes under this name also which I’ve heard none of you use so I don’t know who this man is really I don’t have any other photos that you girls have except for one that says he loves me in the photo holding up which looks like a diploma folder opened with my name on there telling me that he loves me and he standing behind the American Flag I might be able to post that 1 but that will be the only photo that I can post for now I will post the rest later I am absolutely heartbroken because in my mind I was going to really marrying this man in my mind I have a wedding plant for him and I 4 next year we were going to do a civil service when he came to my home town but hes not come in I know that now hes never coming in for me and I’m absolutely devastated I need to leave it at that for now!


  2. I met this guy in the picture on Facebook but his name was Logan Lopez and he said he was in the special forces. He was really nice and then asked me to go hangouts, so I did and we spoke for about a year . Later he asked for money for his leave papers , and me being so stupid sent him the money of 1800.00. So just recently about two weeks ago, I heard from him saying he was back home in Idaho. But he never would call me or FaceTime me since he was back home. I even texted him back why he still had his cell number from Africa. He said he is trying to still do his discharge paperwork. I didn’t buy it. So I got tired of his lies and and blocked him on hangouts and I just want to let anyone know be aware of this guy. He’s a good talker . He even said about opening up a jewelry store and wanted to buy gold out there in Africa. This guy uses any female, just to get money . So please watch out for for this guy .


    • Pamela Vanzant on February 4, 2020 @ 9:58 am

      I just went through this with James McDaniels or bigJamess05 on Instagram. He also asked me for$250 to do his Army discharge paperwork. I blocked him on Hangouts and Instagram. BEWARE OF THIS SMOOTH TALKER


  3. **He is registered now under a different name too – Geyhard McKay**
    Someone just registered with these pictures posing as Geyhard on OK Cupid. Said that today (1/13/18) was his first day on the OK Cupid site and first time doing it. He had posted a picture of a girl with blue eyes (I didn’t take a screen capture of it). It looks like he has now disabled his account. When I asked why he didn’t post a pic, he said that he was afraid that scammers would steal his pics. Said he was Norwegian. I gave him my email and he sent me two pictures there. He then found me on Google Hangouts and sent one more. I will be posting the third one because the other two are already on this site (the one with the blue short sleeve shirt, and the one with the dark blue sweater). His email is geyhardmackay1966@gmail.com.
    He tells me that he is a Major in the US Army and stationed in the Middle East, Syria. Ask if I was ok with it. I told him as long as we get to video chat at some point. He says he will work it out. He states his MOS is Air Defense Artillery and works in field 14 or field 17. He did not give any details on what that meant, just that there were many differences. He has been stationed there for 18 months and will be there for 2 or 3 or 5 more months. He said he had brought an iPhone 6 with him but it had gotten stolen while he was on night duty patrol. He is accessing Google Hangouts via his boss’ old laptop that doesn’t have a camera (he brought the camera part up).
    He wrote:I am a Christian, I am Honest, Faithful, Caring, Loving, Giving, Respectful of others, I lead a very active life style, I enjoy going out for movie. i am looking for a honest, loving caring woman, humble, faithful and trust worldy woman to spend the rest of my life with. I am not just looking for a shorterm relationship but i am looking for a relationship that will last till the end of time. I want a woman that will treat me like a real man and will never hurt me for any reason.
    He asked for my full name (I only provided my first name) and birthdate (I only provided a month and date, but was not real). I asked for my real age, which I stated was real. Says he has a 16 year old daughter and studies in Australia. He is divorced, about 4 years and have not dated. He has a home in West Palm Beach, Florida. When he retires (soon), he will be picking up his parents’ business – gold selling and beach resort. Says that he loves cars and owns many – benz 2015 model of s550, 2014 range rover sports, camaro, ford mustang an.
    I asked how he was able to access his pics if he didn’t have his phone. He said he had a pen drive.
    I asked for more pictures. I will post if he sends them


  4. This guy also approached me in a dating site. He stated that he was never married has. No children and he goes by the name Brandon murphy. He declared his undying love for me after a few messages. I think I may have scared him off by asking him a hundred questions I haven’t heard from him since. But I am abit worried because I did give him my mobile nber although he has not called me yet thank god. This is the picture he sent me along with 2 others.


  5. No worries. Just drop him like a hot rock. This guy is a POSTER CHILD for serial scammers. Trust me. He’s working countless others. You can go into your settings and block his posts and e-mails. You can also defined him on FB. But the best thing to do is NOTHING. Once he figures out he can’t shake you down, he’ll move on to greener pastures. Do NOT confront him. Just ignore him.


  6. Io

    Am on face book please help me he won’t leave me alone am I in trouble ?


  7. Я знаю этого человека как Джеймс Лопес!США,выполняющий миссию в Афганистане!
    Позже я нашла его под другими именами,фамилия была та-же! попалась на его удочку,как рыбка на крючок! Хорошие деньги зарабатывают ребята! Козлы конечно!




    • No. That’s just another hoax. They all say that. If you call his bluff, he’ll claim to be a secret agent or spy to try and scare you into not reporting him.


  9. ann taylor on July 30, 2012 @ 7:02 pm

    whos is the real guy can we ever find out ???


    • It would take more time and effort than it’s worth to ID this turncoat. Just consider it a lesson learned and move on. There’s no law against being a sociopathic scumbag, so your best defense is information. You know all you need to now.


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