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Dating scammer Larry M. Moore

  • Scammer First Name: Larry
  • Scammer Last Name: Moore
  • Zip/Postal Code: 33624
  • Country: United States
  • City: Tampa, Florida
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: arrymoorelarry@yahoo.com; larrylrt@aol.com
  • Scammer Phone: 011-447024054808
  • Operates on websites: Adventist Match.com
  • Listed: May 5, 2012 5:51 pm
Dating scammer Larry M. Moore
Dating scammer Larry M. Moore - Image 1Dating scammer Larry M. Moore - Image 2


We met thru Adventist Match.com dating site Aug ’09, & began corresponding off of the dating site within 2 wks. Corresponded 4+ month 2 to 3 x/day via email, yahoo IM chat, & phone. He claims to be born in Young Harris GA; lived & raised by grandma in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Has a Spanish-french sort of accent. Very very gentlemanly, polite, charming. 6’2”, 180 lbs. Both parents, + only sister deceased in auto accident, mother of his son ran off with his uncle while he was recouping/coma after the auto accident about a year-1/2 ago. Joined the Adventist Church within last year.
In mid-Sept., he went to UK to sell his deceased fathers textile mill. Once business was sold, money was transferred to his acct causing his bank accts to be frozen by u.s. govt. This also froze his debit card/Cr. card. He told me that the bank put his acct in ‘Dormant’ to protect it. He didn’t plan ahead to set money aside for flight return home; nor have flight return money. He claimed to have gone to the American Embassy in UK; but they just kept delaying him, and not helping him as they had such an overload of cases to assist. After his 2nd attempt to book flight tkts, he couldn’t get his u.s. passport returned to him by the motel manager until he pays all motel expenses. Supposedly, after he had to return back to the motel when his 1st flight booking fell through, the motel manager [Mr. Mark Cole, & Douglas Leech] was holding both his & his sons passports as colladeral.
In November, he’d found a u.s. business [MultiNational Inc.] to help finance him, & a ck was sent to me by FedEx for him and his expenses [I was to send him the money once the ck cleared for $13,500.49]. The ck never cleared. I even went to the bank listed on the ck to find out what was the delay, tried to contact the agent Antonio Welsh. Luckily, my bank acct didn’t get affected. [praise God!]
But in late Dec. ’09, all the information he was giving me, started to NOT ADD UP! Did more detective work!! I learned from a friend how to check email IP addresses. Discovered his were not coming from UK, but from Nigeria! I questioned his about this, and noted later that he’d somehow managed to have this altered to come from Boston, MA, and later IP address would show Kansas City, MO [his reasoning for the Nigeria IP address was that someone had hacked into his internet account]. I had even checked ON HERE if he’d ever been reported by anyone else. I traced down the MultiNational company [finally got through to a person], found out the ck had been fraudulent [agent, bank, signature, ck# sequence]. The motel kept stumping me as I could not find it through Int’l mapquest, Int’l google search, nor the UK postal service. He claimed it was just a small insignificant motel & not on the internet. But finally mail that I’d sent to him by ‘Priority Mail’ for his sons birthday was returned to me stating that it was undeliverable as NO SUCH ADDRESS.
I finally contacted the American Embassy in UK myself, and they had no record of him requesting help. IT WAS THE AMERICAN EMBASSY IN UK that did a 2nd research on his & sons passports for me and regretfully informed me both by phone & email that BOTH passports were NOT legit [several errors & that American Passports NEVER begin with 0000].
Yep, I sent him money 2 different times for return flight [took out a loan to help him]. How much total? I’m embarrassed to say. Enough to teach me a lesson not to be forgotten soon. No, I didn’t do this blindly! He even gave me his SS#253-17-6132. Yes, I’d had his & his sons passports & SS# checked, and from the source used, they appeared to be okay, so I was willing to help him [yes we'd expressed feelings of reciprocated love despite not having met yet]. I even had our church elder helping me to locate an attorney who would assist him to act as ‘Power of Atty’ to access some of his bank acct funds to cover needed expenses for return flight, motel expenses accumulated, etc… AND… we even prayed together… So don’t be surprised and wonder how could I have been so dumb. I wasn’t dumb, just scammed …tricked… into believing. I have since reported all his information to the FBI authorities. Broken heart :-( oh yes; but that will mend in time. Jesus is my HEALER. Wiser and much more cautious now. For anyone who reads this, be careful, just be very careful. I don’t hate him either… as he’ll be answering to a HIGHER JUDGE soon [God]… My life is to pick up the pieces and go on from here and learn from this.



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