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Dating scammer Lan Smith Tomson

Dating scammer Lan Smith Tomson


I don’t know whether this man is a love scammer or not. but I think he is just another victim and being used by a love scammer. The method is very similar with other love scammers’ : said that he loved me very much, sent some gift with engagement ring & put some money in the luggage, but i had to pay some money for clearance and delivery fee. At the same time he said he went to the oil ring company in the middle of oman sea. And after that? As other love scammers’ story : he had a problem with the custom in Indonesia, and then under detention in Malaysia and ask me to help by sent him some money.



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2 Responses to “Dating scammer Lan Smith Tomson”

  1. Before I found this website, I almost fell for this guy. We met on the tagged. His name was Jeff Smith. He declared his love for me the second day he met me. He said he is a businessman in the oil & gas and real estate business. He is from Manchester, UK, but sometimes he travels to Muscat, the capital of Omen. In the past month, he made up so much bullshit to make me believe that I’ve found my true love. He sent me his flight itinerary and hotel booking details, saying he would come over to China for vacation with an engagement ring. I was so stupid back then and got so moved by his deceitful gesture. I didn’t realize I had encountered a dating scammer until he insisted on sending me a package of his “special surprises”. He incessantly demands my full name, phone number and address. I had a hunch that he may be a drug trafficker. So I turned him down and unfriended him from my skype. He really should be ashamed of his conduct.


  2. The photo above is different to the one I got from Lan Smith. I found out he took the one he sent me from a car website online. But I think its the same guy. I had only just met him online and he told me he loved me and that I was the only woman he will ever love. First he told me he was in Indonesia and that he was a Doctor from Texas who had been sent there to do research on the AIDS virus. Then he said he wanted to come to my home town but did not have the money to travel and asked if I would foot the bill. He would repay me when he sold his house in Texas. He then told me he had a very ill daughter and she had cancer and he needed money to get her treatments. By then I knew it was a scam but I decided to catch him out and asked him a whole lot of questions about his research. My son gave me all the questions as he is a Geneticist and this guy Lan had no idea what I was talking about. If he had been legitimate he would have know what the questions were. He then found my friend Les online somehow and repeated the same thing to her and we shared notes. As soon as this Lan guy learned that we knew his modis operandi he dropped both of us and disappeared.


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