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Dating scammer Keane Robbs

  • Scammer First Name: Keane
  • Scammer Last Name: Robbs
  • Scammer Nick name: GENTLE33ROBS
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: keanrobbs@yahoo.com
  • Scammer Phone: 380930451068
  • Operates on websites: SeniorPeopleMeet
  • Listed: May 7, 2012 4:57 pm
Dating scammer Keane Robbs
Dating scammer Keane Robbs - Image 1


I have been on SeniorPeoplesMeet for several years. In February of 2010 just before my subscription was to expire I changed my profile to read that it was not working and I felt it was a waste of money. Removed all my pictures except one and basically stopped looking at the site.
On or around Feb 19,2010 went on again and low and behold there it was “I interested in you” well figured what do I have to loose, right! Pulled up the guys profile and he was good looking, should have been my first clue. Lived in Salinas, Calif. Bummers, just moved to Arizona. Made a good salary $300,000 per year, should have been my second clue. Was self-employed, third clue. Had a daughter living at home, forth clue. He is a grown man so his daughter had to an adult.
Well I am a big girl and can take care of myself…or so I thought.
We started communicating and he told me he had to leave for the Ukraine but would contact me as soon as he got there.
By this time he has already professed his love for me and wanted to stay in USA but had this contract he had made and had to leave.
Well after about maybe 3weeks in Ukraine He asked for money $2570 to get his tools he had ordered to “Iron Wrought”, fifth clue,
He swore that he would pay me back as soon as he got back to ME. Anyway to make long story short I sent him or his “manager” Chibuzor Oriji the money via Money Gram to the city of Lughansk.
Money picked up, tools paid for, project finished, and tools and project shipped to the Port of Elizabeth, N.J.
Now he , whose name is Keane Robbs, is ready to come home to me this is the middle of March but he has no money could I send him$1000 and I said no how about $500 which he said to please round up to $900. Sixth Clue
Well yes I sent another $900 to Lughansk to Chibuzor Oriji
Am I Stupid……YES but by now I have fallen for this schmuck or maybe I’m the schmuck.
So he gets the $900 and tells me not to call him as he will busy catching the train to Kiev. Well I didn’t get the message so I did call him but he cut me off was leaving right now and the cab was waiting…Who am I to hold up a cab driver up. Little play on words there.
Anyway, they get in a minor accident, he passes out, he is 64 years old? Goes to ER and they tell him he is ok but has to use money he has to pay hosp Expenses.
Well now he is broke AGAIN.NEVER GIVE A MAN MONEY. So he ask for another $1000 to make up the differences so he can come home to the one woman he loves……etc etc
So guess what on way to airport in Kiev, Ukraine he has another car accident but this time VERY bad. Stitches on front of right leg and stitches behind the left ear. Also has echoing when uses phone???
Well Love is blind and Stupid because I sent him another $3000 to pay the hosp and for his flight home. Picked up by Damian Diliyne a Doctor at the Hospital to took a liking to Keane. See I told you dumb and stupid.
I know I will never see the money I gave to him but that’s Ok, stupid is as stupid does. BUT I would like to see this person caught and sent to jail for a long time and all his other scammer friends.
HIS NAME: KEANE ROBBS (or so he says)
PHONE # 380930451068 (that is right because heans and calls me from it)
HT. 6’3” WT, 185# HAIR. SALT/PEPPER MORE GREY EYES. BLUE (so he says)
WEARS GLASSES (At least in picture he sent)
Spoke to him today June2,2010 after I texted him that if I did not see him or the $8000 he owed me by the 15th of June 2010 then I was going to put his info all over WEB the and that that was my promise to him!
He actually called me because I hit the button in mid sentence and he was worried about the rest of the message. Mind you that was 2:30a where he is or is supposed to be. Moscow.
Have I got him, no probably not but he sounded a little scared on the phone.
Will I get him or someone like him? You’re damn right I will. I have more free time on my hands than the scammers, time is on my side.
I know some of you think I am stupid ,but hey, someone has to take a stand WHY NOT ME !
I really have nothing to loose. I’m an old lady who is bored and needs some excitement in her life, anyone out there want to join. We single women of the world have to take a stand and what better way than to try and get the scum of the earth in jail so we can enjoy the good guys out there.
If you are interested write to me at sbborenaek@yahoo.com.



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