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Dating scammer Jeffrey Covington

  • Scammer First Name: Jeffrey
  • Scammer Last Name: Covington
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: Jeffrey0846@yahoo.com
  • Operates on websites: MySpace
  • Listed: May 2, 2012 5:28 pm
Dating scammer Jeffrey Covington
Dating scammer Jeffrey Covington - Image 1Dating scammer Jeffrey Covington - Image 2


On May 7th I received a message on MySpace from what seemed like a very nice man. I don’t usually respond to these but his message was very nice and polite and used proper English so I responded. A few days later I received another message thanking me for my response and giving me his e-mail address. We e-mailed a few times and he sent me pics of him and his son and his brother who had passed away a few months prior. I in turn sent him a few pics. At this point I Googled him and found that there was actually a man by his name that lived in Duluth, GA and owned an architecture business. He was also listed as a member of LinkedIn for business professional referrals. Everything looked legit. A public records search turned up nothing erroneous either.

The next e-mail he asked me to chat on Yahoo, so we added each other and started chatting every other day. The more we chatted the better we got to know each other. One night he asked for my number so we could talk on the phone and I told him I was not comfortable with that yet and he said he understood. As we chatted more the word ‘love’ came into the picture. I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with that but he seemed so sweet. He sent me love songs and love letters, etc. I felt the need to be honest with him and told him that I was financially a wreck. With the disaster in the real estate market I lost my business as an appraiser and in turn lost my house and truck due to the loss of work. He seemed very supportive.

Last week Sunday while we were chatting he told me he won the bid on a contract for a building in Malaysia. He said he would be leaving that evening. We could still chat and maybe even talk on the phone. I ended up giving him my number and of course he never called.

While he was in Malaysia we chatted and he said he wanted to talk on the phone. I gave him my number again but he said he wasn’t able to call out for some reasons (which he never gave me). I said I could call him through Skype but that didn’t work out either because my microphone didn’t work. So I’ve never actually talked to him.

This morning we were chatting and he wants to help me out financially. Pay my rent and all of my debt off so we can be debt free when we get together. I told him no and he insisted that that a man should take care of his lady and he intended to do just that. He asked me about my debt and I hesitantly told him. No details but the amounts. He said he would take care of it when he got home from Malaysia. He asked me about the credit card and how much I owed and what the credit limit was. At this point a red flag came up. I told him I owed $2500 and the limit was $5000 although I put it on hold so I couldn’t spend anymore. He said he could take care of that right now, all I would have to do is re-activate the card and give him my card info so he could pay it off. I lied and told him all the info was in storage so I wouldn’t be tempted to use the card. He said he would wait online while I went to storage and got the info. I told another fib saying I was waiting for the maintenance guy to come fix the plumbing. Then he asked me if he could have his client add the money he owed him to my card and I could hold it for him until he comes to Phoenix next week. To the tune of $43K, something about he put his bank accounts on hold in GA while he was out of the country. I told him I didn’t think that was a wise move, but he said I trust you. I played along. We chatted a little more but he kept asking about the card. He sent me an e-mail of all the info he needed. (Name, Address, DOB, Visa or MC, Card #, expiration, security code, bank, & SSN). Obviously I never gave him the info.

He still has no idea I am on to him. What should I do now? I would really love to bust this guy. No real heartbreak here. I was pretty much guarded the whole time. I think he must be working some other women to. When we were chatting sometimes he would take up to 5 min to respond. Also some of the responses didn’t make sense or he would repeat himself. I have not deleted anything and have most if the IMs and all of the e-mails plus his photos. Is there an agency I can report this to? Can I do something to help get this guy?

Please let me know. Thank God I was somewhat aware of internet scams and didn’t fall for his trap. I know many people who may not catch something like this and I want to stop him before he hurts someone financially and emotionally.



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