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Dating scammer Henry Raymond

  • Scammer First Name: Henry
  • Scammer Last Name: Raymond
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: henray@hotmail.com
  • Listed: May 5, 2012 3:57 pm
Dating scammer Henry Raymond


This man protrays himself as a Civil Engineer looking to retire to Australia. He has no family and produces flight details….when suddenly has to fly to Africa for an urgent meeting. Later advising that he cannot make his flight, due to being mugged and his son being shot…Needs money to pay for his sons operation before he can make that final journey to you



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One Response to “Dating scammer Henry Raymond”

  1. Catherine Jones on November 3, 2018 @ 3:16 pm

    Henry Raymond has changed his photo a few times. The scenario given is very similar to mine except he had a little girl she also took part in the scam begging me for money I lost over £35,000.00 he was a engineer when I met him working in South Africa he wanted to come home to his hometown of Manchester he had one sister and a aunt who lived in London. But wanted to spend time with me first was romantic loving poems and very quickly he told me he loved me I was shocked at first but flatteredthen he said he had been offered a contract in Nigeria and did not know weather to take it or not I told him he must not thinking clearly he went to Edo state in Nigeria first the equipment did not work and had spent money on travel and had not been paid for the other job I sent money to help out till he got paid from the previous job then there was an explosion at the site and men where injured and needed help to support them and there families more money sent then his daughter became ill more money fir doctors and medicine then he goes ill again I sent money then he told me he had had a text telling him to get out of Nigeria or else I sent him the flight money he was mugged sending me photos of his lower body and the money was taken I sent money for food and clothes money for food it was all getting too much then he was getting the money but they refused to pay so I had to pay for a solicitor for him and he won the case then his friend got shot coming out of the courtroom I refused to send any money by this time I had had enough my savings where gone then that day I had been waiting for came and I waited and waited and waited at the airport waiting for my love to arrive but he didn’t I booked into a hotel thinking they will be exhausted thrn they arrive I rang him no answer and continued to ring and nothing I was staying at a hotel I had very little money so I went to the supermarket bought sandwiches crisps and water I was fast asleep when the phone started ringing but it was not Henry but his kidnappers who wanted a huge amount of money to save him and the child I put the phone down I was in so much distress he phoned back wanting 16,000 .00 I told him to kill them and used some bad language I got more threats that they would murder them and post them on my page I seriously had had enough I was frightened tired and up to the top of my head I told them I did not have that sort of money he said his name was cobra and I heard him call the other accomplish spider I had henry begging me to help the child was sick I was sick too down to 7 st he then asked me to send some money I said I can send two hundred pounds not enough he said we are getting paid more to kill him I said ok kill him I have no more money there is nothing I cab do he accepted the two hundred which I took my timesending nit war on for months in the end I would not answer the phone or have any contact but they where very persistent leaving threatening messages but the end was the end for me owing the bank I want to send the FBI all the information I have of runners bank accounts friends addresses but it has taken me a long time to build uo the strength to do this


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