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Dating scammer Gerald Wolford

  • Scammer First Name: Gerald
  • Scammer Last Name: Wolford
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: lt2geraldw@yahoo.com
  • Listed: April 20, 2012 6:00 pm
Dating scammer Gerald Wolford
Dating scammer Gerald Wolford - Image 1


This scammer is from Nigeria , using an Army military profile. The pictures and information used by this scammer are from a real Army soldier part of Army Heroes Program. The pictures shown were stolen from this same site by the scammer as a means to deceit and defraud its victims.



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3 Responses to “Dating scammer Gerald Wolford”

  1. anonoymous on July 27, 2012 @ 2:53 am

    Please note that this person is not as sweet and nice as he comes across.. he is using this war hero and it breaks my heart that he is getting away with it.. you will know that he is not who he says he is because of his voice and his broken English.. he is not educated..
    Please be away..


  2. anonoymous on July 24, 2012 @ 12:25 pm

    Hi this is a example of what he wrote thank you and I hope to God you understand what this animal is doing talking advantage of nice women .. xo

    SFC Gerald Wolford 9:04 PM
    yes baby they can very well, the doctor told me to calm down cos i was actaully worried when i saw him, the doctor said its just a minor surgery they will do on him, he said its his heart as i told u, they called it VSD, ithey said there is a hole between his heart, he had has this before at a very tender age i thought it was fixed then d doctor said it wasnt closed properly then and it opened up again, but he said its easy that they wll fix it so i thank God for that

    SFC Gerald Wolford 9:06 PM
    i sent u some cards hurni u got them?

    SFC Gerald Wolford 9:08 PM
    yes baby thats just t, the doctor said two weeks and hewill be completely stiong again as u knw their school will be resuming soon, so i will talk to d doctor later in d afternoon here when i return from duty, cos we planing to see if the surgery can be done by tomorrow atleast

    SFC Gerald Wolford 9:31 PM
    so baby i was about dicussing somethin with u that has been bothering me , cos the doctor told me last night that the surgery is a minor one that it will cost about $15,550, and i told him i dont have that much , but i had to make reports to my superior that i have emergency for theoperation o my son and i will need some money ,cos u knw when we have issues we have issurance here so my superior told me they will make arrangement of $7,500 for me and with what i have calculated when they give me that by the end of the day today i would be able to come up with about $9,000, and i told the doctor that what i can get is about 9,000 he said thats not the amount he told me for the surgery operation that i should try to find more and i can even get now baby i can even get close to thee 15,550 they demand for the surgery and critical case like this it is suppsoed to be done without delay as i would wnat them to start by tomorrow wednesday here the surgery, i dont know what to do now my angel that is even what is making me get so so so worried, that if i could even get assit of anykind atleast it will help

    SFC Gerald Wolford 9:34 PM
    yes baby thats bwhy they gave me the 7,500$ as insurance for my son, retirement fee baby that one is from the govt and that they say its until when we retie

    that is why am so worried right now baby cos i know if i could get some thin to add atleast making the payment the doctor asked for close to what they need then they will be able to carry out the surgery
    Deborah 9:35 PM
    maybe they can come up with payment plan are something..
    SFC Gerald Wolford 9:39 PM
    the superior he is a good man i was even glad when he told me they will give me the 7500 later today ocne am going again to d clinic, and i think i can get in total now about 9000, so i dont know if i can get a means of getting somethin to add cos what will be raming now will be abut 6550, so i believe if i can get half of this to add to what i have then the doctor they can then proceed with the surgeyr with lots of plead

    SFC Gerald Wolford 9:40 PM
    yes baby i know sorry not that am asking from u ok
    9:41 PM
    SFC Gerald Wolford 9:45 PM
    yes baby i understand
    SFC Gerald Wolford is sending you a file 9:52 PM

    79.7 of 83.8 KB (0.3 KB/sec) 1 second remaining
    SFC Gerald Wolford 9:52 PM
    thats were i have problems cos u knw all d colleagues here no one has yet cos they not yet paid too and more so i understand their part

    SFC Gerald Wolford 9:55 PM
    thats the problem i dont even see anyone to loan me, just only one of them could give me something that why i could raise up to 9000 for now, baby,

    SFC Gerald Wolford 9:59 PM
    yes baby that i am so confused of right now too, but i hope God ehar my prayrs, baby i dont know would u have been able to rasie even if its like 2000, i dont mind by end of month sending u back whatever even with interest even if u want that from me, or if not anything u think you can do atleast it will be a help baby?

    SFC Gerald Wolford 10:02 PM
    ok baby its ok i understand, i will look unto my God , yes i understand baby ok
    10:08 PM
    baby u busy? u not talking, dont make urself feel bad, i said i understand that u cant do anything at all baby ok, its only painful when u aone in anythin in this life that is what i just see now,if maybe i even had a sibling that i could cry to as u do
    10:12 PM
    my love are u there?????? whats wrong baby u not talking to me, please dont get me worried now , talk to me or u doing somethin with d kids?
    10:14 PM

    SFC Gerald Wolford 10:45 PM
    ok baby but u just left me all alone and i was getting worried

    SFC Gerald Wolford 10:46 PM
    i understand baby i said its ok for the help no need to bother if God says my son will live for me he will

    SFC Gerald Wolford 10:46 PM
    i told u baby just try and take things calmly ok, God is always on our side ok

    SFC Gerald Wolford 10:47 PM
    yes baby am not saying anythin is gonna happen to him ok, am just saying cos i feel so afraid cos i know how delicate heart is and i need to fix that without delay


  3. anonoymous on July 24, 2012 @ 12:15 pm

    Hi I too have been scammed by this guy.. He is so charming and nice, Thank God i looked up the web.. He told me his son Jack needed an heart operation and needs money up front.. Its so sad cause he uses pictures of this Handsome solider who is a real life hero and will pull you in so easy.. i did not give him any money. Just be careful..


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