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Dating scammer Felix Lutherchaus

  • Scammer First Name: Felix
  • Scammer Last Name: Lutherchaus
  • Country: United States
  • Scammer E-mail addresses: felix_lutherchaus70@yahoo.com
  • Operates on websites: Matchdoctor
  • Listed: April 20, 2012 3:10 pm
Dating scammer Felix Lutherchaus
Dating scammer Felix Lutherchaus - Image 1Dating scammer Felix Lutherchaus - Image 2


he said he was a widower, that he originally came from Devon, England, and moved to California to take over his late father’s freight hauling company in Lancaster California 14 years ago…that his wife died during childbirth, and that he had a teenage daughter by the name of Jessica.

The whole thing did not sound right, especially when he could not provide me with a U.S. phone number (even though he was messaging me through Yahoo)…the only number he could provide me with was a Nigerian phone number, which he claimed was given to him by one of the private businesses that his company dealt with. When I finally got up the nerve to call the number, the person I spoke to had an accent so thick I could barely understand him…but I got the impression that whoever was on the other end of the line was laughing…it was very creepy.

I continued to stay in communication with him, figuring I’d let it all play out, especially if he was a scammer, and let the dice roll….and he did stay in communication with me, mostly through Yahoo IM…he kept saying he would get a U.S. phone number for the two of us to communicate through, but he never did. If I asked him specific questions he could not answer them.

He told me that his company was similar to UPS but that in addition to shipping and moving, it dealt with overseas contracts such as the one he was currently working with, which was building roads in Nigeria per the government there.

After much prompting, he did send me photos of himself, and a couple of himself with his daughter…I wondered if I could be mistaken with all the photos he did send…after all, if he was a fake, how could he have so many photos? The one that I have attached of him with his ‘daughter’ is certainly questionable…can there be scammers who work in pairs?

After being in communication with him for 6 weeks, he told me that he had to fly to Nigeria to deal with complaints about this contract…a few days later, he called me and told me that he was missing the bag that had his paperwork and credit cards….and he could not reach his business manager…how fast could I wire him some money? when I asked him what kind of money was he talking about, he said he needed $1300 for his hotel bill and that when the bank sent him the money he would send me a check! I told him I did not have that kind of money, and so he asked me how much money I did have! My response was to hang up on him.

He called me three times after that and I didn’t answer my phone. But with my need to find out more information, I called the freight hauling company he claimed to be sole shareholder of, and no one had ever heard of him…as a matter of fact, that company had been bought out in April of 2008 by another company! I even emailed them his photograph, and no one had ever seen him….

After that all I got were harassing and abusive emails from him, claiming he was victimized by me. I’ve been bummed out about the whole experience, but I’m glad I didn’t send him any money….Am I the only person who has ever heard of this guy? (I have saved the photos and IM’s from him just in case…)

Oh, I did find out that there is an active profile in www.myspace.com, and the photo is totally different…I’ll attach it here in case anyone has ever seen or heard of him.



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